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On Sunday, March 25 th Paramount Theatre will mount a staged reading of “Indian Joe: the Musical” Written by and staring Elizabeth A Davis, directed by Don Scardino. (both Tony nominees) The production will open at the theatre on July 11 and run through July 22 after which the intent is to take it to Broadway. This is the true story ( musical version) of a homeless, middle aged, native American named Indian Joe who, while living in a homeless shelter, meets and astonishing and resourceful young Texas 13 year old girl. The two share discovery, faith and the
birth of accountability for them both. Ms Davis’s music and lyrics are poetic renderings of open spaces that echo with emptiness and kindred spirits as paradise lost and regained.

The production will be shot live, streaming directly to the Paramount Hudson Valley Arts webpage, as the first of its kind shot in four camera, full digital audio surround sound giving the public full access, free of charge, performances from the Paramount theatre. All transmissions will be shot by CP Communications, directed by Kurt Heitmann.

In the gallery is an exhibition from the Synchronicity Fine Arts collection featuring international contemporary artists from Japan, Romania, Russia, Afghanistan, NYC, France, Germany, China and Algeria exhibiting in various mediums. The collection began in 1988 when Synchronicity Space began as an international arts organization in SoHo as a response to the, then Senator from North Carolina Jessie Helms and his actions which did all that he could to destroy the fiscal realities and mission of the NEA. Rather than take commissions for work sold over the past 30 years, Synchronicity has obtained one work of art from every exhibition it has
mounted in venues in NYC and around the world. ( 425 to date). The collection currently holds over 500 works of art from emerging international artists in numerous mediums and of just as many aesthetic sensibilities.

The exhibition dates : February 24, 2018 to April 7, 2018
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 1-6pm or by appointment

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