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Peekskill Arts Alliance

The mission of the Peekskill Arts Alliance is to promote and serve the vibrant and diverse arts community in Peekskill and the Hudson Valley. The PAA presents arts events; fosters collaboration among artists, businesses, regional partners, and the public; engages new audiences; identifies sources of funding; and raises public awareness, appreciation, and recognition of the value of arts in the community. The PAA is a 501(c)(3) arts and education organization.

“Painting Poets”
This is a collaborative event where poets and painters read and paint together simultaneously for a mutually inspiring experience. Spoken word, like music, evokes thoughts and reactions in everyone differently.
Poets will bring collections of work, attune to the setting, and choose an appropriate piece. The poets will present different styles and various subjects; nature to nurture, personal to global, funny to dark, and more.
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Visual Artists will listen as Poets recite, and on a large communal canvas comprised of smaller individual canvases, the artists will collaboratively, with brushes and paints at the ready, respond as they are moved, creating an expressionistic abstract painting. Individual canvases from each session will be available for purchase!
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